Wednesday, June 3

Meet the author . . .

I'm a small town girl with expensive taste but without the bank balance to match. 

I got engaged in August 2014 to my better half of 10 years and am currently in the process of planning a wedding — a wedding that will match my expectations but will also match my budget.
With my head in the matrimony clouds, I plan to document my process in the run up to the big day, hoping to help other brides to be with inspiration, ideas and budget friendly options.
Did you know the average wedding now costs around £25,000?? I certainly don't have that kind of money hidden under my mattress and I doubt many other couples do either.
I am a dab hand with a needle and some glue and as a Pinterest fanatic, I spend my time looking at wedding day ideas thinking "I could make that". So expect a lot of DIY tutorials. If there is one thing I hate, it is shelling out lots of my hard-earned cash for something I could make with just a little time and effort!
I am also a journalist, so want to use this blog as a platform to write about all things wedding related.
Wedding planning is a daunting prospect, I'm sure many newly engaged women like me have no idea where to start, so let's share our ideas and help everyone to achieve their dream day!

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